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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally some harvest!

It has been a long growing season for us ..well a long time to get from starting seedlings in February through March to finally now having something to show for it all.

The tomatoes are still green but in abundance
The lettuce is still doing great
Yesterday I went out and picked a bunch of sweet peas and steamed them for Dave and Nik and I also picked some cucumbers 3 to be exact

I am waiting for a tomato to get ripe so I can make long suffering Dave a salad (I don't eat them)

I also have 2 packages of peas and 3 packages of spinach to plant for a hopeful fall harvest.

So small though it is I am happy I have something and I know in a couple weeks I will be sick of picking tomatoes LOL

I miss my big boys they are off having fun in the big city for 2 weeks with thier grandparents


fearlesschef said...

My tomatoes are hinting at redness as well! I have big plans for canning! Do you?

Sue said...

I have never EVER canned anything however I do make a mean sauce and I am making a dehydrator and am going to make my sauces and freeze most of what I make.

Things like salsa , speghetti sauce, dehydrated herbs etc

I would can but no one I know will teach me and I am terrified of watching my work get destroyed I have a huge freezer so freezing it all flat in bags would work well

Anonymous said...