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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Tee hee Dave Drank the Kool-Aide LOL


no I am not Dave has become a convert. I mean he has always gone along with the things that I want to do because he wants to make me happy but he will tease me about my ideas or methods.

His thing lately has been a bit of ..frustration with my obsession with seeds I refuse to mention how many seed packs I have but lets' say it is ..A LOT assorted varieties but a LOT

In my mind it is not enough for many reasons
First I know not every seed a seed pack will turn into a plant and not every plant will survive transplanting to the garden or any number of other things

so to make up for my lack of ability in gardening (and I am good) in order to make sure we have a lot I ...plant A LOT

I plant and hope for the best

of course this year I have done my planting and my hoping to really have a larger production of vegetables to save to see how much we need to live off of

I know that this years garden will not produce what we will use over the course of a year.. I might get enough speghetti sauce but I don't think that I will have enough of everything else

not enough pickles from the cucumber plants

certainly not enough corn not enough peas and since we have NO broccoli from our garden not enough of that either

but it is a learning garden an experiment

and Dave is now more fully on board than ever before he found seeds today and bought some LOL

So I have converted him he is having almost as much fun watching things grow as I am
and he is taking great pride in the work we have put in and the results we have gotten

I think this is good on many levels the main thing is Dave is a guy who can see someone's vision (I am a dreamer) and he can see the steps that need to be taken over time to achieve that ..and he does not mind a bit of labor to get there


TigersButterfly said...

Its great to here that he is on board.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! I came across some blogs involved with this:

this morning....And since it is essentially what you do, I thought you might want to give it a look-see. Thinking about victory gardens of the past, I keep thinking how romanticized they are now. But there is nothing romantic about *plant a garden or starve*! I guess it puts in perspective some of the things people who don't homestead or garden think about people who do.

We are lucky they can think it's crazy.

Sue said...

I am one generation away from dirt poor garden or starve. I have never told th story of my mom and her family but I probably should.

Gardening for survival and depending on the harvest you get to live is not romantic by any means it is brutal. You are at the mercy of so many factors

Also if you have no access to seeds (something we cannot fathom now) and your garden tanks and you have no ripe vegetables to get new seeds from you were screwed and again at the mercy of of kind people who might be able to give you some or trade you for some for the following year.

It is for this reason that Farmers never became rich for all of thier hard work.