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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I feel horribly outclassed

I went to the gardening talk last night about organic gardening. First off I have to say to anyone in the area that this is an awesome little greenhouse and the lady who runs it is such a sweetie. Such a great crowd of people of all ages showed up to talk organic gardening. I think that the speaker was pleasantly surprised at how many people in our area already apply organic principals to gardening and were looking for specific answers to questions that plagued us

like my Tansy..or why can't I get broccoli to grow.. or black walnut trees..

The gardeners were from all walks of life and from all experience levels some like me had gardened before but were trying to grow quite a bit more intensely than previous years.

The setting of this talk was in an empty hoop house greenhouse she had some of her herbs and assorted things on one end and I was just in love

You could tell this place was built by her and her family the tables were put together out of wood and some wire fencing material The house was warm but not too hot it was a great night for a talk

After the talk we got to go see the gardens

Here is where I saw I am outclassed

I had to remind myself ..This lady has been doing this for years she is where you want to be in a few years (granted I want to be there for feeding my group and selling a little extra so I don't want to go quite as grand as she has but a girl can dream!)

Her garden was lovely everything was pretty ..and nicely I loved this touch it was not "perfect" I was so happy (not in a malicious way) to see a few weeds peaking out of the plants it made me feel more at home in her garden because it was not like a magazine it was like visiting an old friend.

She had this FANTASTIC watering system for her garden which is what I have wanted it is a set of gravity fed waterers that are all connected to each other with 2 spigots that are attached to hoses and they are then attached to a splitter that runs the lengths of soaker hoses through her garden

I saw it and squealed with joy telling her how I loved her gravity fed rain barrels

and I knew I met a kindred spirit when she told me they are ...dumpster finds

AHHHHHHHHH (do you hear the angels singing!)

I was chatting with her and some others and they were asking me what I was planning on doing with my garden splendor and I said I am going to be doing freezing of the food I make with it and dehydrating because I don't know how to can food.

There is a possibility of a class on canning coming up at her greenhouse (I would love to go!)

So I had a blast it was so nice to meet others and I invited the greenhouse lady to come see my garden in it's first little baby year

I have to remember

my Garden is like a baby an infant and in the years to come with the right care and attention it will get larger it will learn new things (like how to grow broccoli) and it will flourish.


fearlesschef said...

Everytime I go to my friend's house I am blown away by their garden. But she reminds me that I have only been gardening on my own for the past 2 years and that each year I have made changes from what I thought was "the way" to garden.

It's nice you have a community for the organic. I really have to do legwork to find anyone who is interested or practices organic techniques. I am thinking of joining a gardening/herb club just so that I can get some support, but I know that pesticides and herbicides will pop up during discussion. I don't want to be rude... but I don't want that crap on my food!

Sue said...

yes you have to be careful what you say when talking to some gardeners
I have been know to call a favorite fertilizer (Miracle grow) Crack cocaine for plants
and it is

Yes my urban metaphor holds true
Miracle grow makes plants grow amazingly well ..however it sterilizes the dirt the plants grow in so that nothing can grow there at all basically killing the soil.

Before WW2 this would be a mute point we would be talking about the heck I am supposed to learn canning becuase my mom died before imparting that info on me

or about how to squeeze in one more crop before frost

or if we could get together to trade secrets

You might be surprised by some of the people who are into organic gardening many like me do it because it is the least expensive easiest option for getting great produce that is not "enhanced" with stuff I can't feed my kids

There is not a super large group of organics however they are passionate and what is neat is that they are not pushy about it.
I say go to the gardening stuff and be as gentle in your assertions as possible but mostly show them through results

plants that are prettier that dont cost an arm and a leg AND that are good for you and your family

who does'nt want that

fearlesschef said...

My sister-in-law's mother-in-law (did you follow that? :D) is Amish and she has really helped with learning the foods preservations. My mother didn't can, she froze because she didn't know about cold pack canning, she thought you could only can with a pressure canner and therefore was afraid. So I went to Ella 2 summers ago when I started trying to preserve our own foods for the winter. She stared at me when I told her my goal of a full cellar before October. I love the Amish and their lifestyle and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them...and in return, they teach me the things that my mother couldn't and is no longer here to teach.

Becky said...

I can relate... I have just began gardening myself and have been surprised at how rewarding but difficult gardening
can really be. I get really envious when I go to my mother-in-law's house and see her perfect garden! Someday mine will look as good as hers.