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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well we sure have been busy

Things here are not easy to get done when you run around all the time.

my oldest boys are involved with the high school football team..yes ..high school football. Alex the big boy is playing for the team and my son Tim is the water boy

So every afternoon I drive them off to thier practice and then deal with Zach and Nik and QT without the extra help

As a result the garden has not gotten planted yet (no big deal) it is the fall garden so again ..I am hopeful for it happening tommorow

We have had some great luck with BERRY PICKING

oh my goodness berry picking is awesome I personally love picking berries even with the tedious nature of it and they mess and the pain from getting scratched.

I find it relaxing it is quiet ..the kids dont like it so I get to be alone and things go nicely ..and we get a lot of berries

I think you can learn a great deal from berry picking

first you learn who your friends are..

A true friend will not only SAY "sure I'll come berry picking with you" a true friend will show up grab a bucket and stay out there till she can barely stand even though she did not listen to you when said wear denim !

That is my friend Angela the two of us worked for about an hour and a half and picked half a gallon of berries we tredged ourselves some paths to make it easier on us the next time we go berry picking

With berry picking you also learn patience it takes a lot of patience to work for an hour and a half and get ONLY a half gallon of berries

Berry picking teaches you not to be greedy


yes it does

go berry picking in a thicket of thorns and just out of your reach you will see this lovely branch with big thick ripe berries pick them into your hand and in your impatient state you might be tempted to try from some just out of your reach

if you do that you will probably drop your berries into the thicket and lose most of them in your hand

so patience and dont be greedy!

It also teaches you to not be a glutton. I tell you you can appreciate a fruit much more if you have to work as hard as we do for it.

OH and the apples are ripe

so we have been getting apples any that are bad go to the pigs

and then the corn is just starting to get tassles on it which is really cool
of course we have the cucumbers and tomatoes ripening and onions a few of the jalepenos

Oh and carrots and nastursiums (Alex loves those on his salad!)

So we have been busy

sometimes it seems like we work a lot all the time and there is not much to show for it because there is so much more that needs to be done

The season is coming to a close I am sitting here at 10:30pm writing this wearing a jacket in the house cause it is chilly a definate sign that fall is rushing in and before we know it we will have to abandon the gardening for more ...wintery persuits

Things like preparing the wood (most of our neighbors who are brighter than we are already have that done) I think I will talk the boys into getting started more on that tommorow

we also have to slaughter the chickens and pigs
get the garden put to bed for the fall

Today we went fishing we only caught little bitty fish but the kids had a blast which is what is important

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