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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach

The mini Environmentalist is celebrating his birthday today

he is 9

Last night he said to us as he was heading to bed
"say goodbye to 8 year old Zach you will never see him again Tomorrow I will be 9"

I of course cried

I will miss 8 year old Zach

8 year old Zach is the one who started us on this journey

guided by my desire to save money and his desire to save the planet we have come a long way. He makes me think now about every light that is turned on, about every item that is to be put in the trash , about every thing that is no longer "usable" how can we reuse some of it

He has given me ideas of things like

reusing old holey socks as the stuff for the "draft dodgers" I make for wintertime

using those same socks for reusable floor wipes for my swiffer wet so I do not have to buy them anymore

He has made me think about larger gardens , using less water, creating new a bigger better things, and he makes me want to get a pedal car!

and now 8 year old Zach is gone

only to be replaced by 9 year old Zach

I hugged him this morning and you know what

he feels older and bigger and taller and his head seems to have grown to make space for all the new stuff he will learn.

So Happy Birthday to my Zach

I love you!

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Zach!