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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a few tidbits

The tomatoes are starting to ripen
The cucumbers are coming en force

we have been eating salads with assorted things from our garden but poor Dave has to keep stopping at the store to buy lettuce because I foolishly did not do succession planting (next year I will do better)


we buy lettuce

The corn has tassles on it (very cool thing to see)

The snake goards are growing UP the corn (not planting goards anywhere near anything next year)

I have been on and off sick and tired all week LOL

Zach completed his first book so I am working on finding a place to get it published Tim did the illustrations and I think the story is adorable it all about a little glass bottle and how to reuse it

my mother in law is coming up this weekend to help celebrate Zach's birthday and she is going to teach me how to do canning!

we are going to make pickles out of the cucumbers I am so excited (and so is she I can tell!)

The boys started back to school this week so things have been a little hectic with the little ones at home

Tonight for dinner we will make Pizza Dippers

I use my bread recipie and make it into a pizza crust on a cookie sheet (my recipie fills 3 cookie sheets)

I then baste the dough in olive oil and sprinkle parmesan cheese and motzerella cheese on top then add some garlic and basil and bake it till done

then the dipper part is roma tomatoes cut up simmered in olive oil basil garlic and oregano

that is it for now

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