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Friday, September 26, 2008

I have been missed here LOL

Amanadoo I am sorry so much going on here

OK my garden is doing VERY well still the snake goards (crazy kooky things I thought were merely decorative but if I have the right kind of snake goards then they are edible) these things are almost 4 feet long HUGE goards (I hav epics I just need time to download them)

The tomatoes are amazing I have been making sauce and making sauce and picking tomatoes no canning yet cause I want to have enough of it all together to actually can in one large batch

the Chickens NEED to go away soon the meat birds are enormous and keep escaping for more food so they are basically free range birds now instead of in a chicken yard which will make them tasiter but they are PITA to catch

We want them finished up in the next two weekends (if Dave can get some time off we slaughter ourselves)

THe pigs will be getting done soon as it cools off in October (we hit 80 degrees here today very unusual) so we still have them and they need to be dealt with as well I should post some pics of them too

We actually harvested some corn today I never thought we would get any but 2 ears is better than none so far that is all that is ripe

I was in the garden today I had a thought that would make an entire post but it fits here so this is what I my deep thought was

I was harvesting tomatoes checking each one by hand to see if they would fall off into my hand showing me they are ripe enough to pick or that they just need to come in

my thought was this

the tomatoes we have in the store are picked before they are ripe even the "vine ripened" ones are they are shipped green and ripen in boxes and then are put out to be bought

same thing goes for the stuff in our store bought canned goods

SO how much waste is there from this I mean thing about it what a waste the tomatoes are not allowed to grow to thier full potencial they are not given the chance to get big and red and swollen and juicy AND sweet the romas I made into sauce are so sweet there is no need to cut the sour taste or bitterness or acid with sugar. I was looking under my plants I harvest over the course of a few weeks so think of those commercial tomatoes being harvested all at once and of the waste plants do not grow that way

there is no acid to these tomatoes they are just sweet and make a lovely sauce (I have pics of my sauce method too)

truly it has been an interesting time

My oldest and second son are involved in football my 3rd son is in cub scouts and I am one of the leaders
So we have been busy busy busy

I hope to post more tomorrow like the pics and everything so be patient I am here ...kinda LOL

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Good to have you back. You're right about the's like you start realizing one thing after the other when you begin to think about where your food comes from....versus where it *should* come from. With USDA standards getting lower and lower, you can't even trust that something that says "organic" doesn't have chemicals all over it.

Congrats on all those tomatoes though! If you're going to have one crop be amazing, it should be those...think of all the pizza and spaghetti and everything else! Yum.