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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

700 BILLION Are you outta you Fing MIND??

OK OK I know this is a bit late in coming but I had to take some time to try to WRAP my feeble mind around this

and I still have to say WTF???

Seven HUNDRED BILLION that is so much

and where is it coming from? where is this money?

I took economics a LONG LONG time ago so maybe someone smarter than I am can explain to me in stupid people terms and SLOWLY

our country is in debt

well I as a citizen am overextended in debt as well and my credit sucks

the banks screwed up and now are bankrupt so they need money so that the stock market does not get all hyper and play with numbers which are acutally money and causes the dollar to have value or not and

after that my eyes glaze over and I think to myself

we are really screwed

I have been reading things on it (with the handy dictionary open in another window for reference) everything from blogs to news stories to message board opinions etc etc

some say it is the end of _____ and we are headed into a depression the likes of which the world has never seen

well in one way WOooHOOO nothing like complete meltdown to change the world (check a history book for changes that happened after the last depression)

As a broke in debt American I can say simply this

I have nothing to really loose

so long as I can keep paying my mortgage I am OK

but what if this meltdown does worse things you know to like say the electric grid or worse yet PHONE LINES!!!

I do not have enough information printed from the internet to survive I am still learning to make these things and like to refer to directions

and who would I talk to kids???

OK that is enough of my rant on the economy those are my thoughts on it for now I am sure it will change

I am not for bailing out banks much like I dont see anyone cutting me and my family any slack for our poor judgement in financial areas I get no sympathy etc for screwing up and the government is not looking to bail my butt out

I say take the large amount of money and spread it out amoung those who are 18 or older

or for every American citizen

I will invest my share in


and books

Heirloom seeds and books on survival

but ask me tomorrow I might change my mind

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