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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homemade Halloween Costumes

As you may have guessed being broke and being ..well cheap I am not into buying expensive cheaply made costumes for my kids for Halloween.

For me part of the fun of Halloween is helping them come up with a unique costume and them tailoring it with the child to make something adorable and of course WARM
(we have been trick or treating in the snow)

I was once upon a time heavily involved in theater so I can do stage make-up fairly well and I have made costumes out of rags and out of bed sheets for many things

I happen to have a large scrap collection of bits of assorted fabrics that I buy from the scrap bin at local craft shops in the hope of using them some day
So here is a list and pics of the costumes finished so far

Nik is going as a Noble Renaissance style knight

QT is going as a recycled Lion this costume was made originally for Alex when he was a toddler each boy has worn this outfit at one time or another

Zach is going to be a mummy in a sarcophagus!! (no pic yet once finished I will add pics and how to's)

Tim is going to be a Lion Tamer(no pics but a very easy costume made out of things from around the house)

Alex is going as a vampire slayer (super simple he is doing it himself!)

One thing I would love to do if anyone has any costume they want to make and they need ideas to make it inexpensively I would be happy to give them directions

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