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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time to change my title pic again

The leaves on that tree are all gone already. The boys have been working half heartedly to chop some wood (we are oh so organized when it comes to this I tried to get them to do it before it gets cold but something else always comes up)

I harvested the celery patch yesterday and washed the stalks and chopped them up the last batch of celery leaves are dehydrating for spice and the chopped stalks are waiting for me to blanche them so they can go into the dehydrator for use through out the year

As I was snipping the celery into chunks I was thinking about what some others might think of this

"Are you wacked you can run to Walmart to buy celery!"

very true and it is cheap and less labor intensive than growing my own and chopping it up into bits and I really do not use celery very much very often so even dehydrated it might not all get used

but cheapness is not the point

and avoiding labor ..HAH I am one of those people who can take an easy job and make it REALLY hard

the point of all the garden work was to try to do my best to live off of what we have made ourselves

and man that is NO easy proposition

We have started up our large freezer again and for very good reason

The meat birds have been slaughtered and are in there right now

and 2 of the pigs have also been butchered

WE had our friends over for both chores and we all enjoyed the process and of course the day spent together was fun for all ..and a lot of work

but now we have 2 pigs in the freezer I am debating which cut of meat I will do up first I have to pick one and get it out and then marinade it

we have to rebuild our cold smoker (home made) so we can smoke bacon and hams

My friend and I even choose which ham we will be making for Easter dinner, we spend holidays with this family they are truly a blast and very dear friends. I mean it is not many people you can ask to give up a weekend to get nasty dirty and kill birds with you!!

The indoor plants are doing well now if I can find a way to keep the kitten out of them the kitten may survive the winter .. she dumped the pot that I had started the lettuce in I am not happy..she has also walked through the baby spinach effectively ruining it

Alex and Tim are now finished with football so they will be able to be home more often in the afternoons to help out around here which means more things will get done

I cannot tell you how happy I am about that. Dave works many long hours 34 miles away from home so having my big boys home helps out a LOT

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