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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am so sick of this !!

First off I am ill (I have a cold) and so are my kids

but that is not what I am sick of

I am sick of this Election nonsense!

I am sick of the phone calls from people on both sides begging me to volunteer or hang signs in my yard. I live on a rural highway maybe 20 cars pass my house a day and most of them are my neighbors going back and forth! I mean COME ON PEOPLE

I am really sick of the phone calls from automated machines with someone bad mouthing one candidate or another telling me who to vote for

if you like abortion rights vote for ____

if you think abortion is murder vote for ____

if you want middle class mid west values represented for you vote for____

I really find it funny that come election time every damn yahoo who wants to win the popularity pagent thinks he is middle class with midwestern values

what a CROCK

I am lower middle class and I can tell you this

because I am lower middle class I do not have the TIME to run for office

I am too damn busy trying to keep everything going in the direction it needs to


to all those running for office

you want my vote??

sure you can have it

just come rebuild my garage

or clean my yard

or put up a fence I can't afford to


get me some windows that will keep out the drafts (they do not even have to be new I am not that picky!)

get me a high efficeincy fridge that does not leak water out of the bottom

build me a good mobile chicken tractor that will keep what is left of my hens alive through winter

you want my vote do those things and I will then

look at your record

consider what you have done

and then perhaps you can have it

untill then



DayPhoto said...

I am sorry you are sick. It is hard to take care of a farm, farm animals, sick children AND yourself when YOU are sick!

I have found that elderberry tea works well....a good book to read, a vaporizer....but who can do all of that and take care of animals, kids and yourself?


Blu said...

Good for you having a rant about th politicians campaigns. It is driving me crackers and I live in FRANCE!!
What if all the elections in the world took place on the same day..what fun and chaos would we see.

Best wishes from Brittany France.

Sue said...

It is crazy we get at least 6 fliers a day A DAY from the assorted politicians in our area what a waste of paper of course it is all on that shiny stuff so you can't recycle it (in our area) so it is just wasted

I still say the first one to offer to reshingle my roof gets my vote!

Sue said...

I do not know the name of the company but there is this lovely flavorful herbal tea that is called "Cold Care Tea" I love it and when I am ill I drink lots of it even my kids like it

I am on the mend with the cold so things get better quickly The boys are a huge help around the house and around the farm and even with the little ones when they are not busy with thier school things

school comes first

DayPhoto said...

How are you feeling! We haven't heard from you for some time.