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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am getting lazy about this are'nt I??

I have not been on here in a long time because of so many things going on
It is full fledged crafting season around here I make things as gifts for Christmas and for fun when I am not gardening

I also do not really feel like I have much to say that fits my topic I mean I cannot really talk about gardening anymore because the garden is gone ..and even with the indoor plants which have been getting attacked by several different varieties of pests I have little gardening to do ... this has led to a bit of sadness on my part I miss it ..I feel like I did not do enough but it was a good start.

I guess I could talk about some seasonal things happening here

Alex is still trying to get G Force going at the school .he finds himself very busy though with the school play and the assorted sports he is in

Amd then We have Cub Scouts going on for my Zach I am the Den leader for the tigers and wolfs(combined den it is a small pack) I am working with my little guys to make things and of course to Do a Good Turn (Do a good deed every day) So I am busy with my little guys getting things ready for that

Of course I have been getting other things ready for the holidays and I should do a post about getting ready for Thanksgiving I love Thanksgiving more than any other holiday (until another holiday comes along at Christmas I love Christmas too)

I have a few crafts on the burner now

First I am making a rag rug out of old blue jeans

I am also working on some draft dogers long tubes of fabric stuffed with old socks to lay in front of doors

I bought some clear glass and plastic Christmas ornaments to paint with glow in the dark paint to hang outside

and we are researching a new hot water heater as well as some on demand water heaters for two tubs and kitchen sink

We need more wood cut


I have been doing the ultimate post garden Green activity


laugh if you will but we have so much stuff I need to get rid of it

I have made a couple trips to Good Will

I have sold some things on E-bay (right now I have a lawn tractor on there and it SOLD I am so excited mommy now has some money for Christmas!)

I have made a nice little notebook to keep track of what I am doing and plans I have for Christmas and Thanksgiving It helps keep track of things like gift ideas Christmas card list menu plans grocery lists gifts for assorted people and places to buy them things i see on ads etc really handy this is the 3rd year I have done this and every year I do it better and it makes the holidays less insane

The holiday time for me is VERY busy

we have


Then Niks Birthday (he will be 4 on December 3rd)

Then Mine and Dave's wedding anniversary (December 16Th will mark 13 years married)

and Then Christmas eve with my hubby and kids

Christmas Day with my in laws (who drive 3 hours here and leave the same day! to drive home to their dogs)

and THEN

this year

My friend from Texas is driving up here with her family to stay for a week or so for a visit this will be the first time she and I have met face to face we have been buddies for 4 years LOL

I have been working hard with the kids and cleaning

and I have been dealing with some problems

Quentin cannot drink cows milk ..or soy milk (we have tried) he gets horrible diarrhea from them so I still nurse him regularly (I cannot pump milk it does not work for me)

I it turns out have lactose intolerance as well I get so sick if I have milk without taking a Lactaid pill

So that is what I have been doing here lately

On Fridays my girlfriend and I go out on a play date with our 3 kids who are home we go to lunch and go grocery shopping AND we make a stop at Good Will to drop off boxes from our houses to declutter things

we encourage each other to get things organized and cleaned up it helps to have a partner in it!!

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DayPhoto said...

I am glad you are back and feeling better.