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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some more pictures

I can't resist once I get going I just gotta share more so here are some more recent pictures from around here
First we have my favorite wild flower Black Eyed Susans

Next we have some of our escapee chickens we have roughly 20 some chickens who decided they do not like the confines of the safe chicken yard so they are now free ranging they come back to the house every night I think the size of the meat birds(white ones) would cause any fox to run in terror

And now QT just being a sweet pea eating a cucumber nothing more soothing for a teething toddler than a nice cool cuke!!

Finally this was taken a while ago when the berries were ripe but they are just too pretty to not share I still have a whole bunch in the freezer waiting for me to make them into jam ..someday I will have the energy!

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