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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture TIME!!

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath and so here are some pics I took over the last few days

First off here is a pic of a salad we made for dinner last night the flowers are nastursiums (boys love them) the cucumbers are also from our garden as are the tomatoes the lettuce and spinach are from the store

Of course a salad like this is going to get picked at ! while waiting for others to get home Zach could not resist the cucumbers

The other day I was making my tomato sauce and decided to take some pictures to share because someone asked for my recipie for a different kind of sauce. I BTW make a chunky sauce
I start with the tomatoes I just think they are so darn pretty ! and I like to show off

you cut them into quarters remove the seeds and dice them into nice sized chunks

I have on the stove my pan with some olive oil onions and garlic simmering I then add diced tomatoes to this and let them simmer and stir as needed

I also add some basil and black pepper to the mess on the stove and some water to thin it out and cook till it is the right consistency
for me the right consistency is a relative term meaning cook it till you like it do not forget a cooks perogative is to sample the sauce lots and lots
with fresh good roma tomatoes (they are the meatiest for sauce and easy to grow) you won't need sugar to cut the acid because there is none and trust me with vine ripened tomatoes they are super sweet. I know the picture only shows one tomato simmering so please cut up a bunch. Do not blame me if you try to make tomato sauce out of one tomato and can't feed a big family for us I use roughly 10 romas and then whatever other little tomatoes are ripe. That still does not make a full pan of sauce only half a sauce pan (we have a million jelly bean tomatoes it is a PITA but they need to get used somehow I am still hoping for that food dehydrator)

and there you have my tomato sauce the onions from our garden tomatoes also and basil the only thing I did not grow in there was the olive oil(hard to get oilive trees to grow in Northern WI) and the garlic (need to get some bulbs for that this year!!)

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