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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gas prices have plummeted

They are lower now than they have been in 3 years ($1.75 last time I checked earlier today)

The scary thing about the price drop is that people will go back to thier old habits

if they can afford them

along with the drop in gas prices has come a serious un ease about our economy and a fear

I hear it all over when i talk to others

they are afraid to make purchase

they are afraid to get comfortable

in a way this is good because that fear that we could loose it ALL could be the spark that brings about a REAL change

ok that is my thought for the day

oh and the diet is not going well I am terrible at trying to change how I eat and even worse at keeping up with it

I should just keep moving more and wait for the food changes till after the holidays so I do not get depressed everytime I eat

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