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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Snow lay on the ground...

The wood we collected is not "seasoned" it is too green to burn so it needs to be cut and stacked

our chain saw broke so Dave wants a chain saw for christmas

I have high blood pressure and am super fat (254lbs at last appointment)so I put myself on a strict eating and excersise plan to not only loose some weight but also to lower my BP

which sucks cause I am ..well a picky eater

I do not eat many vegetables ...or fruits all

I am terrible

I know my portion sizes are out of control and I know what a real portion is so I started there by decreasing the size of the food I put on my plate

I already cut out (for the most part) soda instead of having several a day I have one every few days

I need to seriously watch my salt intake most of the foods I do eat are loaded with salt

it is not good for any of us to eat that way so I get to find out new ways to make our favorites

things like Mac and Cheese

my kids LOVE the Velvetta style Mac and cheese


I checked the sodium in one half cup and it is

1110 g


that is a LOT of salt

42% of your daily intake

so that is my goal for now

How is this green? ..well better food less packaging and all that jazz more local (which is next to impossible with the snow all over)

I am looking at Sparks people and joined there they have recipies with the break downs of nutritional values on them that is a really cool FREE resource

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