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Monday, November 17, 2008

being green is not so easy

Summer is WAY over we are now (at least in my area) back to winter weather

it is cold and snowy with freezing temps and well being green in this is not easy

We need heat ..well we have it we use fallen trees for our wood stove and when it is really cold we use the gas fireplace to take the chill off and we bake a lot and of course wear lots of warm clothes

the water pipes leading from the well into the house are above ground (a serious design flaw) and they tend to freeze at night so some mornings when it is cold we wake up to no water till we thaw that pipe

in order to get the pipe to not freeze we will leave the water running at night so the pipe does not freeze

THAT is not very green

I want to save water and I have been working on it I remind myself to not leave the water running while we brush our teeth (my boys are better at this than I am)

we conserve when we flush (most of the time)

not all of us shower every day and those who do take shorter showers

we use cold water to wash our clothes

we use the dishwasher for dishes (uses less water than I could hand washing) and well we do our best

and what more could be asked of us


DayPhoto said...

Have you tried a heat tape with insulation either laid on the pipe or wrapped around it? We had to do that for our house until a backhoe could be hired and the pipes relaid.


Sue said...

We have a heat tape on it we have a "building" of bricks built around it and it is insulated as well on top of the heat pipe

it still freezes

we need to get a back hoe rented and redo the whole thing which will not be an easy prospect

Dave would have to take off work (he rarely does that) and the location is between the house and garage leaving very little room for manuvering