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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cloth Diapers

I had a comment about where I found the pattern for my cloth diapers. actually I need to make more ...really really bad I keep getting caught up in other silly things like cleaning dishes and well holding the baby. but he really needs some new ones cause they are getting too small.

I do not have a real "pattern" I make them myself based on his size I will try my best to explain and then I will take pictures of the process in the hopes it explains it better.

These are the materials I use
Cotton fabric (I use fancy quilt type prints) flannel also works or denim this is for the outside cover
Elastic of 2 sizes wide for the back waist band and narrow for the legs
snaps I use a snap machine you can also use the sew on kind
for the water proof layer on these new ones I will be using a cut up vinyl shower curtain

Inside I use fleece cause it is soft and poops roll off it well and it cleans easily. I tried a pocket type thing with the ones I have on the site but I do not like the pocket. if made well to fit the cloth insert(a prefold) will fit in the cover well without needing any pins or things.

Cut to your diaper shape remember to leave extra space for your seams and also the back part has to be wider than the front because it will have about 3 inches of elastic in it

Layer your pieces pattern side out cotton on bottom then the vinyl then the fleece
pin these pieces together and stitch them leave a space at the legs for where the elastic will go and also a space in the back(when the pictures get on here this will be easier to see)

then to finish it off I use binding made from a soft bed sheet or piece of complimenting cotton to the outside pattern

then add your snaps and you have diapers

Well Diaper covers really I stick a prefold or fold a whatever it is called inside it and snap it shut around his butt

Not too fancy but pretty enough to poop in!

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