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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I have a few complaints today

But first

I finally made a cloth diaper that not only fits my little dudes butt well but that also works terrific and that my dear family will willingly without much noise put on his butt

I made two of these lovely self designed "all in ones" the problem with them is washing them by hand and leaving them to dry takes a LONG time for them to dry this is a normal occurance with AIOs (all in ones for those who dont know I did not know and I was curious about that for the longest time when I finally figured out what the shorthand meant I slapped myself on the head and said D'OH!)

So I have these adorable things I cut out 3 more I dug deep in my fabric boxes and found some adorable little prints and things I was so happy

sure enough my sewing machine is on the fritz



The worms are doing well and with my sales at the Etsy shop and by getting rid of some things we no longer need on E-bay (old sports shoes and dance shoes that dont fit the kids) I will be able to afford to buy a beautiful lovely Real nice Worm Bin

I am debating which one to get I could wait it out and get the "Can O Worms" or I could go for the instant gratification and get the Worm Factory Worm Bin

anyone who uses worms for compost I would appreciate you weighing in with your opinion the difference in price is a BIG one for my family

I am STILL waiting impatiently for my energy bill I bet Dave took it out of the mail box and forgot he has it in the car (do not worry we are paying the bill we will not loose electricity this year) I did find a cool thing at my local Energy companies web site you should check this out

Isn't that neat?? you can enter what items you have and how much you use them and get a guess at what it costs to run each individual item

I was enthralled

but I still want a Centometer like they have on the show wa$ted I cannot find one online but I so want one of those gadgets they look like so much fun I can see myself walking around obsessively checking to see what is costing me pennies

OK OK I just want the gadget

I have been good I turn off the kitchen appliances except when in use and most of the family has been joining in on that too

disconnected some appliances we dont use

and I took a big step this may shock you

I actually turn off the computer at night

I have not done that regularly in a long time Printer is off except when in use


my garden is getting big granted it is still growing INSIDE because it is too cold outside to put anything out there

we have tons of stuff I sure hope I get a good crop this year

I have planted 4 types of tomatoes I have several herbs one strawberry plant I bought at the grocery store and then some plants to keep critters off my other plants

I need some more room to start some more plants so I told Dave I want 2 more shop lights put up over the mantle and I will use that as some space for plants

guess I should get up some pictures of what things look like around here Perhaps tommorow ...


Test said...

I'd go with the worm factory. I have 2lbs (about 2,000 worms) in a 5 tray factory system and I should have my first batch of compost done in about 2 months.

Check out:

Lots of good info there.

Sue said...

Thanks So much I currently have them in a plastic storage bin and then some moved into a series of stacked storage bins with holes drilled in them not at all attractive ...that and I like the worm factories price better!