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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breakfast on the Farm

As you know I live in the Dairy state ..sorry California Wisconsin has been the Dairy state longer than you have and our cows LOVE snow and they like cool temperatures and they hate wild fires and smog

So (geez I am testy today ) Breakfast on the farm happens every other year at a local organic dairy farm the farm is owned by Mr & Mrs Bures great people Mrs. Bures was a teacher at my kids school she taught my son Alex Science and was my son Tim's social studies teacher

It was Mrs Bures who got the environmental bug up my oldest boys butt (I just love her she is so cool to talk to)

That is the link to the article from the local paper

I was there chatting and she was so excited to find out the stuff we are doing here that she introduced me to her husband so I could tell him about the passive solar hot water heater we want to build

he was excited to hear about it and also wants to see it so now we have even more reasons to get this thing built and we want to get it done SOON

of course we have to wait for another neighbor to get a hold of his friend to get the old broken wood burning outdoor furnace out of here

so exciting I love being able to have people in my area to share this stuff with and the passion of saving money while doing something good for all of us that removes some polution (in the form of reclaimed "waste" materials used for the building of this thing) it is just an exciting idea

ALSO She is on the board of the newly formed farmers market in our area

again I am thrilled to be making contact with these kind of like minded people

makes me feel less alone in my efforts in my area

living in a rural area I tend to feel a bit isolated in my efforts

So there is my ramble on this rainy day

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