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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Such a neat conversation

Today (remember please we live in a small town rural area) a teacher came over to buy some plants from me so I dug her up some of what I hope will be very productive tomatoes and a couple cucumbers and handed her over some pepper plants and watermelon not too much in my opinion but a good start for her

but that is not the cool part

we got to talking about another teacher (Zach's teacher from 3rd grade who he loved who got him going and then got me going on this green thing even more) and she said that they have been working out a way to get the school to start up composting thier waste

Oh My GOODNESS that would be so wonderful on so many levels I mean by composting not only would they be saving themselves from having to pay to haul away this extra trash BUT they would also be able to make ..dirt and this dirt could either be sold to local gardeners and the proceeds would go back to the school kids I would so buy a few bags of it to support a good cause

like my chidlrens education

She and I then started talking about other things like the possiblity of getting the school to build a passive solar greenhouse out of things we could find at the dump

You will notice if you read enough of my writing or talk to me enough that this whole passive solar thing has got me REALLY excited and I mean REALLY excited

I want to build a solar oven like this one at this site

and I want the Passive solar hot water heater BADLY (I am waiting for a neighbor to get the old furnace out of the space so we can put up the stuff we need)

and I want a passive solar greenhouse so I can grow food year round

lots of people I talk to say things like "use plastic sheeting" sure that extends the growing season but I want more than just a few weeks on either end of the growing season

I WANT to be able to go into my greenhouse through the cold room into the warm room and pick fresh spinach and lettuces at the end of February (when it is still below zero here !HAH)

can't do that with plastic sheeting

so back to the cool conversation

She is going to talk to this other teacher and we will get together to decide how to approach this topic with the school board we need to start small they dont like change mainly we need to find a way to present it to them that would show just how beneficial this is the bottom line of the school without it costing them much if anything AND as a side note show them that this then teaches the children that the adults are not hipocrits preaching one thing and showing them another


tsponheim said...

Don't build that complicated oven in the link above. You can build the Fun-Panel cooker in an hour. It is a very powerful cooker!

The Fun-Panel cooker on the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki.

Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International

Sue said...

Very neat oven how is it's performance in cooler climates? it looks like an awesome thing to use on a warm sunny day how does it perform on cooler days we get very few warm days here in my neck of the north woods (it is end of June today and we are reaching our high temp of 60degrees)