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Friday, June 27, 2008

GRRRRRRR my sewing pile

I do like to sew but being the weirdo I am I have to have certain conditions to be able to sew

first I need to be able to concentrate on what I am doing. as you can well imagine being able to concentrate in my house is not as easy as you think it is noisy here I have this horrific fear of putting a sewing needle through my hand I have had it happen so it is not an irrational fear yes I took my eyes off my sewing machine and literally sewed my finger

hurt too

I also have never had any "real" training when it comes to sewing I am self taught so reading any instructions on sewing that do not include the phrase "well you put this thingie into that thingie" and there you have it I get lost so I have to do a great deal of figuring things out for myself

SO how does this relate to ANYTHING green???

my sewing pile is made up of clothes that need patching and mending clothes that are beyond repair that will be used for patching and mending and piles of scrap to be freecycled to some lucky person who has the time for making quilts for those who are in hospice care or for babies (I dream of a time when I can sew for that kind of joy)

My sewing pile is also made up of parts of diapers to be sewn in assorted stages of finishedness LOL

Another thing I really need when sewing is ...a clear space to set my sewing machine

my main room in my house is my dining room it is where the table is and the table is basically the center of all activity in our home it is where we eat it is where we do crafts , where we fold laundry, where homework gets done where games are played etc etc etc etc

so doing sewing on there does not happen often especially during anytime when I have kids around

I have kids around most of the time

as a green reuse fix up person I am planing on doing when my mother used to do

She had a laundry day AND

she had a Mending day

and now so will I
When this day will be I have no idea yet but I sure hope to get to it soon cause the mending is currently housed on my excersise bike and I dream of getting that thing cleaned off and actually using it again

I crack myself up !!

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