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Friday, June 27, 2008

Reclaming things

As you know I am big on the Reuse of the 3Rs I like to take things we have laying around junk really and turn it into something else

I have had this old nasty patio table for YEARS it is off white rusty one leg is wobbly and well it just looks too nasty to use for food

we found it of course at a dump with the hope of "someday" fixing it up painting it getting a patio umbrella for it and this table becoming our great yard find

well for YEARS we have used this table simply by tossing a table cloth on top of the rust and shooing children out from underneath

Well this year I had had enough procrastinating on this thing

so I bought some spray paint (sorry I had to get spray paint) it is this neat metalic copper paint that makes the table look like an old battered copper table (I just hope it never turns green)

so far looks good and I have a shout out on freecycle looking for a patio umbrella is there are no takers I will then ask my friendly neighborhood junk man if he has seen any and if no luck there I will buy one

Now what to do with the leftover spray paint

well I have many cans from food (I call them tin cans but I know they are not made of tin anymore) and the boys and I are going to poke some holes in the "tin" cans in some kind of pattern (probably a star cause I like stars) and then paint the cans

we will then have candle holders for the yard

we must also poke holes in the bottom of the cans to let water out

I will take pictures once this project is done (LOL)


Shan said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. From one Wisconsin mom to another.

Sue said...

Well I am thrilled that I have readers sometimes it is just me sitting her rambling on and on about my daily non sense LOL

sometimes I find I have a lot to say and I hope that my ramblings inspire others or at least amuse them