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Friday, June 27, 2008

IF Only I could bottle that energy

IF you are a parent or have ever been around many children you will have this phrase run through your mind

now imagine my life 5 active boys two are teenagers one school age one preschooler and a brand new walking toddler trying his darndest to keep up

Zach is probably my most active closely followed by Nikolaus

I want something to HARNESS that energy of thiers

like a trampoline that produces electrical energy charge to a battery or Like a bike from living with Ed but it would have to be smaller on scale for them to all use or adjustable for all of us to use LOL

cause we all know I really want to sit on a bike and pedal to produce power

Zach can stand kinda still and be bouncing in place while explaining his latest thoughts

Oh my that child's energy

Tim will sit on my excersise ball while watching TV and bounce from sitting to a standing position and just keep doing it over and over again I get winded just watching him and have to say

Tim stop it you are making mommy tired

I must look into this method of energy production and see if we can make one I know we have bikes laying around

Here is one site on this topic if interested sadly I dont think we can do this this year Dave is getting a bit overwhelmed with all of the projects I want to do you know he has to work his full time job and then come home to me begging him to help me figure out the easiest way to do ____ I really need to learn to use tools better

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