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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pics of our farm attempts

OK remember we have a short growing season and we got started late but here is some of our gardening attempts and also some of the baby chicks at a week and a half old
and this silly site will only let me post those pics for some reason there seems to be a limit to the size of pictures of something

so I only have 2 pictures of my lovely tomato plants BTW those are the ones that survived freezing temperatures so they may look like twigs to the untrained eye but to me they look like warriors who survived a courageous battle

warriors that will make me spaghetti sauce!

And what can I say about the baby chicks I took one outside and got him to pose so pretty so majestic for a chicken

then there is our sad and lonely one adult female bird who no longer lays eggs she also as you can possibly see from the pics has broken toes from the fox however since she is perching she will be fine

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