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Friday, June 27, 2008

I Found the Centometer!!!

Who knew TV lied to me and told me the wrong darn name but here it is a web site that sells the centometer

of course they call it something else!!! they call it the power cost monitor it is at the blue line innovations

OHHHH I must save up to buy me one of those

Think of the money I could save with that thing especially with the gadget crazy group of guys!!

how fun they would fight over it and never ..let me play with it.. and break it before ...but

HEY it would still be cool and fun while we had it!!

I must save that site
Here is another link to more information on this neat product


Ab said...

I'm so glad you found it! I just watched "Wasted" on Planet Green and wanted to find one. I couldn't find anything helpful online...until I found your blog!


Sue said...

You are quite welcome I hope you come back for a visit again

tomh said...

I saved up my cents and bought the Powercost Monitor a month or so ago (you can buy it directly from, also, where I got mine). It is absolutely great, and I cam pretty sure it will pay for itself in a matter of a few months.

I like your blog. I have been doing something similar for a while, as well -- please stop by any share your comments and ideas -- Five Percent - Conserve a Little Energy.

Tom Harrison