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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Reasons for blogging

I blog because ..well I like to talk and I have a LOT to say on a variety of topics

I blog about our latest journey into a more green lifestyle for several reasons

first I want people to learn that unlike on TV and in other forms of media when one goes green they do not have to buy tons of more stuff and get rid of all of thier old stuff just to be green and they also do not have to go to the other extreme and live the life of a dirty hermit

There are things we can do as responsible people and still maintain or improve on our current lifestyle while being "greener" it just requires a change in thought and minor adjustments

Secondly my reason for wanting to start a blog was well to advertise myself and my ideas on life I am the person in a crowd who usually gets very strange looks whenever I speak people think I am cooky quirky and well downright weird ..I dont care my kids think I am fabulous and my Dear Dave adores me

So while trying to wrap my brain around this blogging stuff I came across the whole advertise on your blog and make money things ..and then of course the blog for cash things

being the cheapskate that I am I LOVE the idea of doing a hobby something I find fun and making a little cash off of it so now from time to time you may see a few blog posts here and there that will contain some shameless shilling for the man to make me a touch of cash

HERE is my vow I plan to use any money I make from my "selling out" (I chuckle as I type this because I already have ads running on my blog and I also have my Etsy shop posted LOL) my plan is to make money to make my part of the world a greener/cleaner place so money made from my efforts all goes toward things like

more CFLs for my house

a more efficient winter water heater for my home

a lap top which will be more efficient than my old desk top

and Heirloom seeds for next years garden !!

and my dream of Angora Goats

and of course this cool book I saw on foraging for food in WI (I really want that book)

So while searching around the net the other day I came across a web site that offered money for posting now the money offered sounds great I have joined up and gotten approved for using my site to advertise some opportunities that would apply to my "audience"

I will let you know when I am posting for money so you know whether the post is for $$ or just me rambling on about something else I have found !

So far this site looks promising for those of us who could use a few extra bucks for things we already do I look at this like TV commercials sometimes you find some neat stuff in TV commercials Pay Per Post neat site go look!!make money

So please feel free to check this place out I plan on doing more intensive putzing around thier site when I have more than two minutes to do so (it is morning and the kids are calling for breakfast and asking me millions of questions before we head to grocery store) blog ads

The site is neat and orderly and from my limited use of it seems easy to use and it has lots of opportunities and plenty of help from users and admins alike

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