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Thursday, June 19, 2008

WOW this is soooo Cool

WEll it is so cool for Zach

since starting this adventure he has had a couple of TV Celebrities answer his e-mails to them. I know some people think this is well not that big of a deal but to an 8 year old boy who lives in a rural small area who does not get to the "big city" but once a year and this "big city" is really pretty small (Milwauke WI go look it up that is my hometown a Great Place on a Great Lake LOL)

Well he has Tristan from the New Zealand version of Wa$ted contact him a few months ago when we started this he thought that was awesome and it was not an automated contact either (that I was impressed with that someone took thier time to contact my boy it gives me the vapors!)

NOW this week he decided to contact Ed Begley Jr. from Living with Ed fame he loves that show and thinks Ed is just cool so he wrote Ed a message(I typed it for him he dictated to me) and asked Ed if he would take him to lunch like the people on the show get to do and the other day he got a response :

Zachary - the next time I'm in Wisconsin I'll let you know. In the meantime, if you are ever in Los Angeles, let me know and we can have lunch. Keep up all your environmental efforts!

That is so sweet! He was all excited and now talking about wanting Ed to come to our farm (I don't know if that would ever happen) Zach also wants to go to LA His Dad is trying to find a way to make it happen he would love to take a cross country trip with the kids all I think of is that I can barely stand to be in the car with the kids for a short trip to the store let alone cross country !!

Oh well off to do some gardening and get the chicks taken care of

we almost lost half of chicks on Fathers day because they wet when thier waterer accidentally tipped and soaked their bedding we were able to save all but one

I will take pictures to show how they look now that they are over a week old

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