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Monday, June 16, 2008

What I don't like about being Green

These are just some things that have struck me that I do not like about trying to live a greener (more earth friendly) life

First off I question EVERYTHING and being a good reformed Catholic (non practicing Roman Catholic) I feel extreme guilt when I dont do things "right" for example

I shop at Walmart for several reasons I have to shop there many people in the sustainable community see Walmart as the Anti Christ I see it as a place to get cheap food and clothes for my really big ol family

Next Cloth diapers those would be WAY easier to keep up with if I had a good supply of I would have to say 24 in his current size. since I make my own and have lots of kids and a farm to run with a garden that is HUGE and will hopefully supply us with not just vegetables and fruits for summer time but also some to sell and many to freeze and can this means that is a full time job in itself (I must get and insert a picture here of my garden plants)

so I feel guilty but I am back to using disposable diapers and we can't afford to all at once BUY a supple of cloth diapers AIOs (which is what I would get so everyone would help change him)

Then there is the recycling again I have been busy we are still recycling of course we have done that for years but I feel guilty NOT doing more to reuse our stuff I see all those food cans and think "these would make fabulous garden candle holders remove the label spray paint them black or forest green or a dark rusty red poke holes in a design and wow candles" but no time so into recycle they go

Oh well I will try to find a way to carve out that 48 hour day to be able to have the time to do all these things or else I need a better staff cause Martha Stewart I am not


Mana said...

I know what you mean about the cloth diapers! We originally ordered fifteen hugga bunz, and they were really fantastic. The only problem was that they were way, way, way too big, especially around the legs. So we had to send them back, and couldn't afford to get a whole stock of a different kind. Everyone kept telling me to get the flat diapers you pin, but I know my limitations and that just wasn't going to happen.

So now we just want to cry whenever we go to the store (Walmart!) and shell out thirty dollars at a time for diapers...which occasionally leave behind those little gel balls of chemicals all over the baby! I hate, hate, hate them.

I think if we ever get pregnant again, I am going to pass out patterns for AIO's to every woman I know and ask them to all sew two of them for us!

Sue said...

That is an awesome idea for a baby shower a old fashioned sewing bee!! get everyone together with all the supplies and whoever has a machine can sew and whoever does not can cut out patterns and whoever does not know how to do that can take care of the pregnant mom and provide snacks and fun!!

I have done the diapers with the rubber pants and honestly even after using my pathetic attempt at AIOs my homemade "cute enough to poop ins" and I have to say that even though the AIOs were a PITA to sew and get together they are super easy to use and to clean up

for us we have been using the generic brand of Walmart diapers and have had good luck with those and they are only about $5.50 for a pack of 40 diapers
people who talk about using the flat kinds of diapers have not seen the array of "new" style diapers I love the new diapers and there are so many options but for many moms we dont have the time to do everything we want for our kids when short on funds buying the cool cloth diapers that work easily. The ones with rubber pants work but they are not as easy and often lead people who really want to do cloth diapers right back to disposables it stinks

what we need is an affordable option for cloth diapers AIOs that are not 10$ each would be a nice start!