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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cause I am bored

and it is late and I am lacking a great deal of sleep I feel like doing a poll to help name my chicken

I have one adult female laying hen who survived the attack of the fox (a while back all our girls got attacked she survived) she suffered a broken toe and is now living in the big house with the "baby" chicks who are now about a month old (I lost track of the time)

So I want to name her she deserves it after all she has a broken toe and was lonely for a while there but she is a tough girl I think Lela (for Lela Ali and I am probably spelling it wrong cause that is what I do!) a nice tough but feminine name heck I might even make a barnwood sign or something to put on the chicken house for her

So I will leave it up to more creative types (and those who are better rested)

Name my chicken !! if you dont like the poll options vote other and then post here and then I will add other options to the poll

have fun

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