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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kid Alternative energy

Now I know some people would get all up in arms about child labor and about forcing children to "work"

GASP!! OH NO making kids work sorry I do it my children have chores they help out my kids also have fun and friends and enjoy life but they are learning responsiblity and that being part of a family means helping out with the work that needs to be done for the family to survive

anywho that rant is over


here is what this post is about for real

I saw this

A teeter totter that makes electricity!! COOL if I make the thing big enough Dave and I can go sit on it and have fun


I sure hope I find plans for this thing cause this just looks fabulous

think of it playgrounds set up so that children bouncing all over the place doing what kids do are generating electricity

did your mother ever say to you "if only we could bottle that energy?"

I know mine did and I also know I say it to my little bundles

I love this kind of "alternative" thinking


Anonymous said...

I saw that too! Actually, a few months ago I posted about this program that places carousels (the playground kind, not the state fair kind) in extremely impoverished areas in Africa. When it's turned by kids playing on it (or adults, whatever), it generates power for a well.

When word got out, people in America raised a HUGE stink over "child labor." It was outrageous. The alternatives these families have to a well like this are none too attractive....walking miles in dangerous places to carry heavy buckets of water, that may very well be tainted with infectious disease or chemical runoff. I think they are fabulous! And electric well pump could *easily* be rendered useless, but these can be quickly fixed if anything should happen to them.

I don't know when the idea that children can't contribute to a family's work load caught on. Very, very recently I'd imagine.

Anyway, this was way long, I'm sorry. I think you're great and you are doing wonderful things! Don't stop!

Sue said...

Oh Honey post all you like !!

I grew up in a household where my parents insisted we help out

and anyone who thinks the work in a large family is going to get done by one person is living in some kind of utopia that I don't wanna visit I already do enough work!

My boys enjoy helping right down to the three year old even the 15 month old helps pick up toys (not effectively but he tries)

I saw the carosel water pump too that is such a neat thing to have for those villages the ability to pump water with a simple mechanism they can easily fix is truly a life saver

I a firm beliver in kids doing work what happens when they go from being kids to suddenly being "grown up" how are they going to learn a work ethic? that is something that is not taught at BK university!