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Friday, July 11, 2008

Green Support

When changing your lifestyle you need support be it to get rid of a bad habit or an addiction.

I have heard lots of different people talk about how we need to give up our crutch of reliance on energy sources that are being depleated so fast that in my lifetime according to scientists we will see an end to them (I am 37 BTW and I hope to live a long time)

So how is your support system for your efforts? I know a few years ago things like what we are doing now would have been considered a little weird by family and friends but our family and friends also like our quirky nature so they accept it and they would have made fun of us but they like it.

Now we are not only seeing support but also encouragement and other suggestions from our friends and family

My mother in law came to visit this week because it was my oldest son Alex's 15th birthday (I know my baby is 15 and entering high school this year makes me wanna cry to think on it!) Sometimes these visits are tense but other times they can be very pleasant thankfully this was one of the latter

Not only did we have a great time chatting it up she was thrilled with the work we all did in the garden and loved to hear of our progress on our projects we have planned

she brought up som3e nice books for me and the kids (Nana is a book fanatic) Some wild flower identification books for me and Solar Energy for dummies and Green Living for Dummies

I like the for Dummies books cause it explains the basics and gives you places to look for more info

So how do you get more support for your choices ? depends on who you are trying to get support from People are usually really supportive of more "green" efforts when they see immediate results. in cash

what I think is neat is that even small simple changes can save a great deal of money and I find that inspiring to go on and try more things

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