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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I had to laugh at this

If you are thinking about a more sustainable life and that life includes moving from the city to the country and possibly having farm animals and you have never had animals before please let me enlighten you on a very important fact

Animal poop stinks

period that is all it smells BAD any feces that sits out in the sun for any amount of time is going to have an odor to it

now some people smell that distinctive scent of animal poop and think "ahhhh fertilizer" others roll up their car windows and cover their noses

When I smell cow poop horse poop pig poop and even chicken poop I think of how nice and green they will make everything for me for next year

Of course you don't NEED to use the animal BM for fertilizer but in my mind why let it go to waste ??

I toss it into my compost pile with some wood shavings or straw and let it sit for a year and next year it will add to my dirt

(unless it is rabbit poop rabbit can go right in the garden)

Some complain about flies and mosquitoes (and trust me I am NO fan of mosquitoes) but really you are in the country so get a grip

I saw this
article on Yahoo today and my only comment after reading it was

if you can't take the stink get out of the country!

The article is about a fellow who decided to deal with his new neighbors complaint with his own red neck sculpture 3 car nose first in the dirt

some might call it art
I call it a nice piss off to people complaining about things that are just normal operating procedure in the country

Things like

haying kicks up dust

Cow poop and horse poop stinks and it attracts flies

so IMO if you don't want bugs go back to the city where the bugs can't even survive because the air quality is so crappy they can't breathe

you don't like "dairy Aire" go back to the city and sniff some of that nice smog and the lovely smell of artificial fertilizer poison to make the grass on the median strips so damn green

Animals no matter how well cared for stink
I have pigs who by nature are VERY neat creatures they will not poop and eat in the same place they find a spot as far away from their food as possible they also will not sleep where they poop

we shovel out their poop once a week but guess what they still stink you cant get the stink out of the dirt and it attracts flies

Chickens are not as neat they will poop in their food while peeing in their water they could care less it is IN THE NATURE of birds to do this

and they STINK Chickens smell worse than any animal EVER the high ammonia content of their urine will burn your eyes

we shovel out their house every week as well but I tell you those last few days PHHHEWW!! what a smell

So to the lovely folks that built their home near this farmer I have to say

Quit griping no place is perfect that view you love so much comes with a price


fearlesschef said...

This is the very reason why my husband will not allow me to purchase chickens while we still live in the city. Poo. I mean darn. I still want chickens... dog poop stinks, too and we get over it!

Sue said...

Chicken poo unless picked up meticulously (and I mean clean the pen daily) really reeks think of the worst warmest mens toilet you have ever been in

that is the kind of stink

the good news is any flies they attract they eat !!

I love having chickens Dog poop does not compare to chicken poop it more closely resembles a filthy cat box really