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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SCORE at the dump

Yes we are dumpster divers...well at our dump we don't have to dive very far the "junk man" or garbage technician or whatever he is called takes out anything from the dumpsters that people might be able to use and has a kind of "free rummage" set up

Dave went to the dump today and found me an OLD push reel mower

it is rusty and needs to have it's blades sharpened but I tell you I took it for a test cut and while rough this thing is marvelous it cuts better than the one I borrowed from my friends that is only a year old

I love antiques

Tonight is the organic gardening talk at the local greenhouse


Ryan said...

Way to go Dave! Sue your blog posts are getting better and better keep it up.

Sue said...

Glad you are enjoying them remember to spread the word I plan on expanding this little blog of mine especially for those who do not have even my feeble skills.
I notice a lot of searches for people learning how to live off the land they have. I think what many don't understand is the amount of work that really takes and also the amount of planning and ...well faith in many things

for many Americans we have become very dependent on everything around us to be provided for us. I know many women my age don't how to cook or sew or fix even simple things

these are art forms that are sadly destined to die out of our lives unless some preserve it and teach others

ok I am off my soap box now wait till I talk about my treadle sewing machine that needs repair