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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sad pictures of the frost devastation

OK OK so I am exaggerating a bit..but it is the end of the road for the tomatoes they have had it

some of them will not even be able to be artificially ripened because they froze but the majority of the tomato crop will be salvaged and brought in ripened and over the course of the next week or so made into sauce or paste and I will be buying a dehydrator to dry some of the smaller ones. and for a few gazillion other things that I can use a dehydrator for .

Here are the black beans that I planted the leaves do not look too bad I picked one bean pod and the beans inside are not fully black more like a dark purple. I have never planted these or had them fresh (I love black refried beans and have made them from dried beans) so if anyone has any info on beans please share your expertise with me!

This is one of Zach's HUGE snake gourds this one is over 4 feet long as you can see the plants themselves have had it so Zach and I will be harvesting these this afternoon he will be heartbroken that growing time is over for his amazing gourds.

This is a shot to give prospective on how large these gourds are you can see in the background one of our water heaters for yet another project left undone as well as the corn growing next to the long gourd . Those things are amazing!!

This is one of the late start sweet bell pepper plants I had. again this is a learning year (how I look at it) so I will definitely grow peppers again but next year I will start them earlier and plant them in a good hot location all things considered this one did pretty well and once the sun warms it I will inspect it again to see if I can save the plant to at least let the one pepper mature

and the saddest of all the sign of dead tomato plants they are everywhere (remember over 200 of them) so time to pull them up pick off any good tomatoes and bring them in and dream of another summer!


Anonymous said...

Oh it's just AWFUL. The gov should have taken all that money and bought a greenhouse or two for everyone who wants one!

Sue said...


I would love love LOVE a greenhouse

attached to the south side of my house

2 floors high

not only would it be able to grow food but it would help with heating the house in the winter LOL

I could fill it really fast

and then poor Dave would have to build me another one